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Krave SHRED 56MM Grinder

Krave SHRED 56MM Grinder

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If you’re tired of herb grinders that get stuck and stop turning easily after just a few grinding sessions, you’ll love the revolutionary new design of the Krave 4-piece grinder. The grinder’s proprietary turbine-shaped cutting area ensures that your herb particles always fall through for easy collection instead of getting stuck in the top compartment.

The upper pressure plate is located in the lid of the grinder. This heavy plate exerts a constant pressure to your herbs, which will provide you with the perfect consistency of your herbs in just a few simple twists.

  • The Krave Grinder is available in a wide range of colors, such as: Black, Blue, Rose-gold, Rasta and Purple. So there is bound to be one to suit your style.
  • The Krave Grinder made of aluminum is easy to clean and is equipped with a pollen screen as well as a collecting chamber incl. Pollen scraper


The 4-piece Krave Grinder shows impressively that there is another way Instead of tearing the grist with sharp teeth, here the healing herbs are gently and evenly pressed and ground. The lid, which is also the upper pressure plate, is extremely heavy compared to the rest of the aluminum lightweight. In this way a constant pressure on the ground material can be maintained during the grinding process.

This more gentle shredding process allows the aromas of the greenery to develop particularly well. In addition, there is no need for annoying scraping off leftovers that have become caught in the molars.

Diameter: 56mm (2.2in.) | Height: 51mm (4-Part) | Weight: 175.45gms

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